The Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food by Kelly D. Brownell at Yale in 2008

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source: Open Education and Culture   2015年8月23日
PSYC 123: The Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food. The course was taught by Kelly D. Brownell at Yale in 2008. For the full lecture and other course content, please visit: http://oyc.yale.edu/psychology/psyc-123
This course encompasses the study of eating as it affects the health and well-being of every human. Topics include taste preferences, food aversions, the regulation of hunger and satiety, food as comfort and friendship, eating as social ritual, and social norms of blame for food problems. The politics of food discusses issues such as sustainable agriculture, organic farming, genetically modified foods, nutrition policy, and the influence of food and agriculture industries. Also examined are problems such as malnutrition, eating disorders, and the global obesity epidemic; the impact of food advertising aimed at children; poverty and food; and how each individual's eating is affected by the modern environment
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Measurement and the Problem of Accuracy 23:47 This lecture focuses on how people measure nutrition and what it means for health. Professor Brownell reviews methods to track food intake, from a population level to an individual level, emphasizing methods and measurement error as well as portion underestimation. The definition of a calorie and how it is measured are also discussed, as well as people's changing relationships with macronutrients and micronutrients in food and with water.
Human Evolution versus the Modern Food Environment 32:58
Food and the Evolution of Humans 22:29
Eating Disorders and Obesity 1:05:48

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