Great Writers Inspire

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source: Open Education and Culture   上次更新日期:2015年7月19日
From Dickens to Shakespeare, from Chaucer to Kipling and from Austen to Blake, this significant collection contains inspirational short talks freely available to the public and the education community worldwide. This series is aimed primarily at first year undergraduates but will be of interest to school students preparing for university and anyone who would like to know more about the world's great writers. The talks were produced as part of the Great Writers Inspire Project which makes a significant body of material freely available on the subject of great works of literature and their authors. Visit http://writersinspire.org/ to see how great writers can inspire you.

John Milton and Lycidas 18:32 Dr Anna Beer shares a few short extracts of Milton's poem Lycidas and discusses what they show about Milton's very special qualities as a writer.
What is a Great Writer? 48:08
Beowulf, Authorship and Anglo-Saxon Literature 12:38
Shakespeare and the Stage 15:19
William Blake: Politics and Religion 12:29
Jane Austen and The Watsons 27:08
Jonathan Swift and the Art of Undressing 11:18
Jane Austen's Manuscripts Explored 9:33

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