Seminars 2015 - Creating a climate for change: what’s at stake in global climate negotiations

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source: Oxford Martin School    2015年1月22日

The metabolism of a human-dominated planet 1:15:03
Climate change: dealing with uncertainty 1:18:02
Climate change: what science and the IPCC report has to say 1:24:41
Hopes and fears: why people disagree about how to tackle climate 1:09:39
Climate change and our oceans 1:22:02
The ‘perfect storm revisited’: food, energy and water security in the context of climate change 1:27:50
Biodiversity and climate change: what happens when we turn up the heat on nature?” 1:07:09
Realising human rights in a warming world 1:20:31
Top-down or bottom-up: getting traction on climate change 1:23:27
Engineering a cooler planet: Could we? Should we? 1:29:02
Inside climate negotiations: a personal perspective by Connie Hedegaard 1:31:24
Inside climate negotiations: a personal perspective by Connie Hedegaard 1:31:18
Sustainable transport: electric dreams vs carbon reality 1:19:16
A wealthy, healthy planet: creating green economic growth 1:05:00

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