Lectures 2016 - Inequality

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source: Oxford Martin School    2016年10月24日

"Global inequality: a new approach for the age of globalization" with Prof Branko Milanovic 1:22:35
"Inequality and its discontents" with Prof Brian Nolan 1:16:41
"Women's health: a new global agenda" with Prof Robyn Norton 1:20:49
"Inequality, poverty and global development " with Prof Stefan Dercon 1:33:37
"Urbanisation, migration and the future metropolis" with Prof Michael Keith 1:11:49
Report of the Commission on Global Poverty – Oxford Launch 3:11:41
What influences intergenerational social mobility in Europe? Dr Marii Paskov & Dr Erzsébet Bukodi 1:20:57
Panel Discussion: Tackling inequality: strategies, priorities and effects 1:28:25

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