President Trump's Inaugural Address - Philosophy and Current Events

source: Gregory B. Sadler     2017年1月24日
On January 20, 2017, after being sworn in as President of the United States, Donald Trump gave his inaugural address. This had been billed earlier by his incoming press secretary, Sean Spicer, as a "philosophical document". In this video, I provide my reflections, as a philosopher, on some of the key themes of the address. I also at some points draw connections and comparisons to inaugural speeches by other presidents.

1:45 - is it a "philosophical speech"?
6:21 - key theme: orderly transfer of power in democracy
8:15 - key theme: power returning to the people
12:41 - key theme: political elites exploit the people
22:29 - key theme: ordinary Americans are hurting
31:11 - key theme: glossing over divisions of race, gender, etc.
36:35 - key theme: restoring unity to America
42:42 - key theme: America first and national autarky
51:10 - key theme: action in place of empty words
54:22 - the performative nature of the speech, and closing thoughts