Malaysia Sustainable Cities Program, Spring 2016

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source: MIT OpenCourseWare    2017年1月12日
MIT 11.384-11.386 Malaysia Sustainable Cities Program, Spring 2016
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Instructor: Larry Susskind
The Malaysia Cities Practicum is a year-long program that brings 15 International Scholars to MIT to learn about and analyze sustainable city development in Malaysia.
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Applying a Bottom Up Approach to Improve Energy Subsidies in Malaysia 6:01 Mr. de la Torre explores the ways in which Malaysia could reform energy subsidies by shifting from a top down to a bottom up approach.
Strategies to Reduce Air Pollution from Vehicle Emissions in Penang, Malaysia 10:49
Preservation of Local Identity and Architecture in the Face of Rapid Development in Malaysia 12:28
Challenges of Urban Flooding in Malaysia 9:25
Redefining Urban Rivers: River Restoration in Johor Bahru, Malaysia 10:23
A Road Map of Urban Village Transformation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 12:42
Converting Biomass to Energy: A Low Carbon Development Strategy for Malaysia 10:23
Promoting Low Carbon Development in Johor Bahru 11:15
Development Induced Displacement in Malaysia 11:51
Innovative Strategies to Provide Solid Waste Management in Penang, Malaysia 12:37
"Reduce, Reuse and Recycle", Encouraging Better Solid Waste Management Practices in Malaysia 16:01
Exploring The Potential For CO2 Emission Reduction Through Green Technology Adoption in Malaysia 18:49
Transforming Shopping Malls into Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Spaces in Malaysia
Reducing Motorcycle Fatality and Promoting Sustainable Transport in Malaysia 15:08
Saving Malaysia Means Saving its Mangroves 20:08
Managing Urban Sprawl in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 15:04
The Benefits and Costs of Converting Waste to Energy in Malaysia 12:30
Encouraging Green Architecture in Malaysia 16:19

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