Excellent Adventures (Georgia Tech Society of Physics Students)

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source: Georgia Tech Society of Physics Students 2015年10月28日

EA presents: Classical Mechanics, Part III 28:18 Conner Herndon discusses the importance, uses, and applications of the virial theorem.
EA presents: Spin Systems and Other Quantum Phenomena 50:59
Excellent Adventures: Classical Mechanics Part II 33:08
Excellent Adventures: Classical Mechanics Part I 34:30
EA presents: A Brief History of the Formation of the Universe 1:00:29
EA presents: Intro to General Relativity 22:42
Excellent Adventures presents: Manifolds 52:27
Excellent Adventures presents: Introduction to Logic 1:01:06
Excellent Adventures presents: The Nature of Proofs 47:12
Excellent Adventures presents: The Nature of Proofs 3:02
Excellent Adventures presents: Science of Food 19:14
GTSPS Excellent Adventures: Theoretical Particle Physics 1:01:36
EA presents: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 37:15
Excellent Adventures presents: The Science of Kerbal 49:04
Excellent Adventures presents: Set Theory 48:47
Excellent Adventures: Survey of Computational Tools 47:59
Excellent Adventures present: Classical Mechanics Part IV 48:10
Excellent Adventures Presents: Transistors 27:27

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