2010 Science and Religious Conflict Conference (U of Oxford)

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source: Open Education and Culture   上次更新日期:2014年6月26日
Does Religion Lead to Tolerance or Intolerance? An international three-day conference in Oxford, organised by the Science and Religious Conflict Project team. It is an interdisciplinary conference on the theme of empirically informed approaches to understanding the ways in which religion increases or decreases tolerance.

Is Religion Adaptive? Integrating Cognition and Function 56:40
Is Religion an Adaptation for Inter-Group Conflict? 50:58
Religion as Parochial Altruism and Anti-Atheist Prejudice 54:19
Religion, Cohesion and Hostility 42:29
Religious Toleration, Religious Freedom and Human Nature 47:32
Religion and Compromise 52:43
Disagreement Over the Definition of Religion and Religious Accommodation 50:02
Personal Religion, Tolerance, and Universal Compassion 51:28
Science of Religion: Buddhist and Confucian Soteriologies and Tolerance 51:19
The Relation Between the Neurobiology of Morality and Religion 59:04
Richard Dawkins and the Science and Religious Conflict Conference 17:02

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