Dr Valeria Cetorelli | Documenting Genocide

source: London School of Economics and Political Science   2017年1月16日
Speaker(s): Dr Valeria Cetorelli
Chair: Professor Toby Dodge
Recorded on 11 January 2017 at Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House

The United Nations Human Rights Council has recently declared that ISIS violence against the Yazidi religious minority constitutes a case of "ongoing genocide". Dr Valeria Cetorelli will present the first survey evidence on the number and demographic profile of Yazidis killed and enslaved by ISIS.
Valeria Cetorelli is a Research Officer at the LSE Middle East Centre and a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Johns Hopkins Center for Refugee and Disaster Response. She is a demographer with expertise in survey methodology and data analysis. Her research focuses on conflict-affected, forced migrant and other vulnerable populations.
Sareta Ashraph is currently the Stanford Law School’s Global Practitioner-in-Residence. From May 2012 to November 2016, Sareta served as the Analyst on the Commission of Inquiry on the Syria, documenting violations of international law in the context of the ongoing conflict. Immediately prior to this, she occupied the same position on the Commission of Inquiry on Libya. Sareta is responsible for the investigation and drafting of the Commission’s June 2016 report They Came to Destroy: ISIS’s Crimes Against the Yazidis, which found that ISIS was - and is - committing the crime of genocide. Sareta is a member of Garden Court Chambers in London.

Nelida Fuccaro teaches modern Middle Eastern history at SOAS, University of London. Her research focuses on urban history, the history of oil and violence, ethnicity, nationalism and frontier societies. Between 2011 and 2014 she led with Ulrike Freitag an international project on the history of public violence in modern Middle Eastern cities sponsored by the Arts and Humanities Research Council of Great Britain and the Deutsche Forschungemeinschaft.
Toby Dodge (@ProfTobyDodge) is Director of the LSE Middle East Centre, a Professor in the International Relations Department at LSE, and a Senior Consulting Fellow for the Middle East, International Institute for Strategic Studies, London.
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