"Your Plate. Our Planet: The Future of Food." Nobel Week Dialogue 2016

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source: Nobel Prize    2016年12月14日

Tara Garnett lecture 7:00
Healthy and sustainable food for the future of humanity on earth. Johan Rockström 14:15
Angus Deaton on food, poverty and malnutrition 9:19
A discussion with Mohammad Yunus 9:41
Why do we pay for waste? Tristram Stuart 9:46
How can we eat more sustainably? 19:45
Food politics: Who makes our food choices? Marion Nestle 8:00
Why do we eat what we eat? 18:58
Eating digital: The fourth agricultural revolution by Caleb Harper 9:34
Where will our food come from in the future? 16:13
Does eating together matter? 18:50
What is a healthy diet? 42:00
What role does food play in our lives? 44:39
How can we reduce waste? 43:16
What would it take to build a sustainable food system? 48:11
Can we continue to eat meat? 48:17
What are the alternatives? 43:27
Patti Smith Reading and Song 8:20
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants. Patti Smith in conversation with Angus Deaton. 18:58
Six Nobel Laureates discuss the flavour of creativity 18:01
Lars Heikensten opens the 2016 Nobel Week Dialogue 7:13