GTAC (Google Test Automation Conference) 2016

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source: GoogleTechTalks      上次更新日期:2016年12月6日

Day 1 Opening Remarks 14:50
Day 1 Keynote 1:03:32
Automating Telepresence Robot Driving 38:59
What's in your Wallet? 31:21
Using Test Run Automation Statistics to Predict Which Tests to Run 16:31
Selenium-based Test Automation for Windows and Windows Phone 17:15
The Quirkier Side of Testing 12:12
ML Algorithm for Setting Up Mobile Test Environment 18:42
"Can you hear me?" - Surviving Audio Quality Testing 28:53
IATF - A New Automated Cross-platform and Multi-device API Test Framework 30:41
Using Formal Concept Analysis in Software Testing 17:54
How Flaky Tests in Continuous Integration 1:01:42
Day 2 Opening Remarks 8:26
Day 2 Keynote 1:03:20
Docker Based Geo Dispersed Test Farm 32:47
OpenHTF - The Open-Source Hardware Testing Framework 29:33
Directed Test Generation to Detect Loop Inefficiencies 16:36
Need for Speed - Accelerate Automation Tests From 3 Hours to 3 Minutes 18:23
Code Coverage is a Strong Predictor of Test Suite Effectiveness 18:26
ClusterRunner - Making Fast Test-feedback Easy Through Horizontal Scaling 17:21
Integration Testing with Multiple Mobile Devices and Services 26:47
Scale vs Value - Test Automation at the BBC 21:54
Finding Bugs in C++ Libraries Using LibFuzzer 16:19
How I learned to Crash Test a Server 14:43
Closing Remarks 4:59