Lovecraft's "Tales Outside Time and Space by Flat Earth Theater" | Talks...

source: Talks at Google    2016年12月14日
Flat Earth Theatre's A. Lehrmitt has forged the newly adapted radio play Lovecraft's Tales Outside Time and Space, presenting variations of four of Lovecraft's stories that encounter alternate dimensions full of terrors literally out of this world. From meeting extraterrestrial dimension-hoppers to losing oneself outside time and space, one can travel too far into the unknown, and the journey back may prove the ultimate, and most horrible, test. In this recording the cast will present 2 of the stories followed with a Q&A with the cast and playwright.
Adapted for radio by A. Lehrmitt
Directed by Liz Salazar with Justus Perry
Featuring: Chris Chiampa, Kristen Heider, Justin Hicks, Kathleen C. Lewis, Marty Mason, David N. Rogers, Jake Scaltreto
Foley Team: Liberty Moody and Naomi Hinchen.
With sound design by Kyle Lampe.
Introduction by Lindsay Eagle.