Computer Graphics (Fall 2009) by Ken Joy at UC Davis

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source: UC Davis Academics     2014年12月19日
Computer Graphics (ECS175) teaches the basic principles of 3-dimensional computer graphics. The focus will be the elementary mathematics techniques for positioning objects in three dimensional space, the geometric optics necessary to determine how light bounces off surfaces, and the ways to utilize a computer system and methods to implement the algorithms and techniques necessary to produce basic 3-dimensional illustrations. Detailed topics will include the following: transformational geometry, positioning of virtual cameras and light sources, hierarchical modeling of complex objects, rendering of complex models, shading algorithms, and methods for rendering and shading curved objects.

Introduction to Computer Graphics Lecture 01: Preliminary background into some of the math associated with computer graphics. 49:45
Curves in the Plane 52:24
Moving Objects in Space 48:33
Rotations About an Arbitrary Axis 47:06
The Camera Transform 47:18
Clipping 48:03
Depth Buffers and Ray Tracing 46:12
Color and Shading 52:57
Quaternions 39:07
Shading and Texturing 35:22
The Hierarchical Modeling System 39:54
Scan Conversion 44:09
Curves and Surfaces 49:44
Visible Surface Algorithms 37:43
Ray Tracing 48:39
Subdivision Surfaces Part 1 51:07
Subdivision Surfaces Part 2 37:44
Shadows Part 1 30:50
Shadows Part 2 34:17
Camera Motion 27:38
Branches in Computer Graphics 32:14

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