Image Processing and Analysis (UC Davis)

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source: UC Davis Academics    2014年10月25日
This course deals with the techniques for automated extraction of high-level information from images generated by cameras, three-dimensional surface sensors, and medical devices. Typical applications include automated construction of 3D models from video footage and detection of objects in various types of images.

Course Introduction Lecture 01: An introduction to image processing and analysis; covers image processing on a broad scope as well as course logistics. 51:38
Fourier Analysis 50:23
Edge and Corner Detection 53:32
Saliency and Scale 51:18
Object Detection 52:32
Object Detection Continued 51:05
Bottom-Up Image Segmentation 41:24
Top-Down Image Segmentation 51:22
Texture Analysis 56:59
Neighborhoods 33:24
Invariants 50:09
3D Image Acquisition 53:06
Mesh Smoothing 50:30
Mesh Alignment I 51:28
Mesh Alignment II 51:28
Combining Multiple Meshes 50:55
Global Shape Representations 55:06
Local Shape Representations 51:43
Object Detection from Range Data 51:30
Medical Image Acquisition 44:35
Global Shape Representations 55:06