Art History Symposium (UC Davis)

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source: UC Davis Academics     2014年10月25日
graduate students in the UC Davis Masters in Art History give thesis presentations on a variety of topics ranging from Any Warhol and Chicano mural artists to ancient Greek sculpture.

Thomas Eakins: A Pictorialist Vision  31:26
UC Davis art history graduate student Lucinda White Frachtenberg reads from her master's thesis about the relatively unstudied photographs of the painter Thomas Eakins, who most known for his painting "Gross Clinic."
Temporality in Form 20:36
Regarded/Disregarded: The Reception of Body Culture: Chicano Figuration, from 1990-1992 34:19
Social Themes in American Women Seen Through the Eyes of Alice Neel 33:29
The Non-Objectifying Voyeurism in John Sloan's "The Cot" 28:44
The 21st Century Tiller Girls of YouTube in Natalie Bookchin's Mass Ornament 36:52
Paul Morrisey's "Flesh": Seeing through the Eyes of Warhol's America 27:47