Video Demonstrations in Lasers and Optics (Shaoul Ezekiel at MIT)

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source: MIT OpenCourseWare    2012年6月15日
MIT RES.6-006 Video Demonstrations in Lasers and Optics
This resource contains demonstrations used to illustrate the theory and applications of lasers and optics.
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Overview of Demonstrations in Lasers and Optics 32:32
Optics: Polarization of Light and Polarization Manipulation; Linear polarizer 7:44
Optics: Polarization rotation using polarizers 8:20
Optics: Quarter-wave plate  6:51
Optics: Half-wave plate  6:44
Optics: Optical isolator  4:51
Optics: Scattered light in a dielectric 6:24
Optics: Reflection at the air-glass boundary 8:33
Optics: Reflection at the glass-air boundary 11:28
Optics: Phase shifts in total internal reflection  11:20
Optics: Two-beam interference - collimated beams  5:58
Optics: Two-beam interference - diverging beams 5:48
Optics: Destructive interference - Where does the light go? 9:23
Optics: Fringe contrast - vibrations  2:33
Optics: Fringe contrast - intensity ratio  3:28
Optics: Fringe contrast - polarization difference 5:41
Optics: Fringe contrast - path difference 11:05
Optics: Coherence length and source spectrum  12:30
Optics: Plane mirror cavity - collimated beams  14:47
Optics: Plane mirror cavity - diverging beams  3:36
Optics: Curved mirror cavity - radial modes  15:50
Optics: Optical spectrum analyzer  3:27
Optics: Fraunhofer diffraction - adjustable slit 4:48
Optics: Fraunhofer diffraction - two slits  3:51
Optics: Fraunhofer diffraction - multiple slits  11:53
Optics: Fraunhofer diffraction - thin wires 4:55
Optics: Fraunhofer diffraction - rectangular aperture 4:59
Optics: Fraunhofer diffraction - circular apertures 4:40
Optics: Fraunhofer diffraction - crossed multiple slits 4:57
Optics: Fresnel diffraction - adjustable slit  6:28
Optics: Fresnel diffraction - circular apertures 6:19
Optics: Single mode fiber  6:50
Optics: Multi-mode fiber 5:12
Optics: Polarization in a single mode fiber  6:22
Laser fundamentals I: Simple laser  8:45
Laser fundamentals I: Light amplifier  9:05
Laser fundamentals I: Polarization of laser light  7:38
Laser fundamentals I: Spectrum of laser light 14:07
Laser fundamentals I: Light inside and light outside laser 7:19
Laser fundamentals II: Optics of laser beams  16:25
Laser fundamentals II: Laser transverse modes  26:04
Laser fundamentals II: Laser linewidth  18:51
Laser fundamentals III: Reflection back into laser  9:44
Laser fundamentals III: High power argon laser 4:40
Laser fundamentals III: Multi-wavelength argon laser 3:29
Laser fundamentals III: Single-frequency argon laser  12:20
Laser fundamentals III: Tunable dye laser  5:59
Laser fundamentals III: Dye laser excitation of sodium 2:11
Laser fundamentals III: Dye laser induced fluorescence in iodine 6:10