US Election 2016: The Result | John Prideaux | RSA Replay

source: The RSA    2016年11月21日
US Election 2016: The Result with John Prideaux, US editor at The Economist. It may be a post-pollster, post-pundit, post-truth landscape – but can we predict where the world goes from here? An extraordinary US presidential election campaign has resulted in an outcome that few could have predicted at its outset: Donald J Trump will become the 45th US President of the United States.
The implications of this historic decision are, for now, highly unpredictable, and for many, deeply concerning, with many questions unresolved around the course of future US policy on the economy, security, environmental protection, and human rights.
Join our expert panel at the RSA to consider what a Trump presidency says about, and means for America and the world in the days, months and years to come.
Our panel of experts include: John Prideaux, US editor at The Economist; James O'Brien, LBC radio & BBC Newsnight; Professor Malcolm Chalmers, Deputy Director-General of RUSI; Melanie McDonagh, Leader writer, Evening Standard and contributor, The Spectator; Stephen Bush, special correspondent, New Statesman.