Righting the Record: Conservatism and the Archives || Radcliffe Institute

source: Harvard University     2016年11月18日
Righting the Record: Conservatism and the Archives
A Schlesinger Library Event
Over the past half-century, grassroots activists and organizations both left and right have focused on women’s roles, family values, homosexuality, and reproductive policy, transforming modern American life. Yet the collections of major public repositories, especially those housed at universities, tend to document only one side of this complicated history: the left side. The Schlesinger Library at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study hosted a conversation among scholars, intellectuals, and activists to explore the consequences of the current situation and examine possible solutions. “Righting the Record” is part of the library’s multifaceted approach to enhancing the diversity of the documentary record, to ensure that students, researchers, and scholars can write more complete and balanced histories of our times.
Moderated by Ross Douthat (11:52), op-ed columnist, New York Times
Donald Critchlow (20:33), professor of history and director of the Center for Political Thought and Leadership, Arizona State University
Jennifer A. Marshall (37:19), vice president, Heritage Foundation
Michelle Nickerson (45:32), associate professor of history, Loyola University Chicago
Charmaine Yoest (55:22), senior fellow, American Values
Panel Discussion (1:10:08)
Audience Q&A (1:34:29)