Christina Hendricks: Hobbes, Leviathan: The Monster in the Machine (15/10/2015)

source: Arts One Open     2015年10月15日
In this lecture for the Arts One Program at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Christina Hendricks discusses
- Hobbes' method of starting with clear definitions, then moving to statements, then syllogisms
- Some of the historical background to the text (events leading up to the English Civil War, disputes between Parliament and King Charles I)
- The sovereign as Leviathan
- Hobbes' view of humans as automata (his mechanism and materialism)
- The commonwealth as an artificial person
This is the first of two lectures on this text for Arts One in Fall 2015, and the political aspects of the text are discussed further in the second lecture (which was not recorded, but you can see more lectures on Hobbes from Arts One here: http://artsone-open.arts.ubc.ca/thoma...).