From Sea to Changing Sea || Linda N. Cabot Science Symposium

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source: Harvard University      2016年11月22日
From Sea to Changing Sea || Radcliffe Institute
Linda N. Cabot Science Symposium
This symposium focuses on important new research on the changing nature of the world’s oceans and the questions that arise from that change.
The program begins with a study of new data about the formation of oceans and the origins of early life. Speakers then examine how oceans have transformed over climate epochs as water temperatures have fluctuated and ice sheets have formed and melted. Leading scientists and policymakers also consider how human behavior is affecting the seas, and they explore the impact of these shifts on marine life, islands, coastal areas, and climate change overall. The symposium concludes by asking what role the scientific community and others can play in understanding and stewarding this critical global resource.

Early Life in the Oceans || Radcliffe Institute 1:12:38
The Role of Oceans in Climate || Radcliffe Institute 1:22:23
Impact of Sea-Level Rise on Greater Boston || Radcliffe Institute 42:17
Marine Life || Radcliffe Institute 1:23:09
The Future of Oceans || Radcliffe Institute 51:58

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