Sasha Chanoff: "From Crisis to Calling" | Talks at Google

source: Talks at Google    2016年10月4日
Sasha Chanoff is the Founder and Executive Director of RefugePoint, a humanitarian organization that finds lasting solutions for refugees in life-threatening situations. As a young humanitarian aid worker Sasha was sent on refugee rescue mission to the violence-torn Congo, with orders to evacuate a specific group of refugees and no more. Upon arrival he discovered a group of widows and orphans not on the rescue list and faced an impossible choice: leave them behind to face certain death or attempt to rescue them too, which would jeopardize the entire mission.
In his talk at Google, Sasha shares the incredible tale of his rescue mission as well as lessons that we can all use to better prepare for life's unexpected and difficult decisions. Sasha also talks about his work with RefugePoint and gives some commentary on the current state of the worldwide refugee crisis.
For more information:
Learn more about RefugePoint - http://www.refugepoint.org
Watch the Congo rescue documentary, "An Impossible Choice", referenced in the talk - https://youtu.be/sz8MFlN1JvI

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