Medical School MD Curriculum (U of Michigan Medical School)

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source: openmichigan    2012年5月24日
Most of these videos are from the first and second year MD curriculum.
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The Value of Uncertainty 52:18
The Information Cycle part 1 49:17
The Information Cycle part 2 2:50
Diagnostic Reasoning I 59:06
Diagnostic Reasoning II 49:00
Inflammation and Repair IV 55:54
Hemoglobinopathies part 1 45:20
Hemoglobinopathies part 2 16:49
DNA Sequence Variation 36:47
The Human Genome I 46:48
The Human Genome II 52:21
Neoplasia l 52:23
Neoplasia lI 48:53
Neoplasia lII 56:31
The Digestive Tract Ecosystem 52:09
Circulatory Derangements I 53:53
Circulatory Derangements II 51:45
Heart Failure 28:49
The Normal Electrocardiogram 1:32:16
Chronic Coronary Artery Disease 1:11:55
Acute Coronary Syndromes 1:32:08
The Evaluation of Chest Pain 50:49
Introduction to M2 GI Sequence 11:31
Diarrhea and Malabsorption 49:55
Malabsorption of Nutrients 45:47
Liver Tests: Use and Interpretation 38:13
Hepatocelular Disease 55:42
Cholestatic Liver Diseases 43:31
Drugs and the Liver 46:29
Problem Solving Session I 25:53
Problem Solving Session II 30:40
Problem Solving Session III 31:44
A GI Smorgasbord - Common GI Problems 48:26
Surgical Excision of a Multi-Lobular, Recurrent, Bartholin Duct Cyst 17:03

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