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source: Talks at Google    2016年10月21日
Gray Cook is an internationally recognized physical therapist, orthopedic certified specialist and certified strength and conditioning specialist. Cook is the founder of Functional Movement Systems, a company that has developed movement screens and assessments used in professional sports, Olympic sports and elite military teams. He is the author of "Athletic Body in Balance" and "Movement". By revisiting the natural developmental principles, Cook forces us to rethink motor learning, exercise and modern conditioning practices. Gray’s talent for making the complex seem simple and for translating good theory into practice has led to his popularity as a speaker on healthy movement.
We deconstruct human movement, like some software engineers do with code. We identify mistakes in personal fitness, physical education, physical rehabilitation and athletic development.
These are simply programming errors.
Everyone living with broken movement has already been on a program or had an opportunity to be programmed. They failed and they’ve been failed.
The number one predictor of a future injury is a previous injury. That statistic tells us that exercise and rehabilitation are unable to restore the original operating program using its authentic programming language—because the language of movement isn't written in words or pictures or some type of schematic.
The language of movement is written in feel.
We often set ourselves up for failure when we try to reprogram (develop, correct or rehabilitate) our own movement. We simply haven't taken the time to learn the language.
When my colleagues and I had an opportunity to develop a screening process for broken movement and painful movement—dysfunctional movement—we used the language of movement to build it. Our screens are user-friendly measuring sticks for movement that search you for programming errors.
If your body is broken,
If your exercise is broken,
If your lifestyle is broken,
If your culture's physical expression is broken...
We're here to identify the mistakes and measure how broken it is. That’s what we do.
We don't make, create or produce better movement. We can't sell it to you.
We show you how to tap into your original movement operating system.
Then, you grow movement.
For more information: http://graycook.com/
Movement Food: http://graycook.com/?p=2742

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