CNST Nanotechnology Workshop (2013-2016)

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source: NanoBio Node    2013年5月21日
Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology Workshop

Highlighting cross-campus and industry collaborations in:
Bionanotechnology and nanomedicine,
Nanoelectronics and nanophotonics,
Nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing

CNST Plenary Session I 11:30
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Heterogeneous Integration of III-V Semiconductor Nanowires with Si and Graphene for Photovoltaics 21:52
High Power Lithium Ion Microbatteries from Interdigitated Three-Dimensional Nanoporous Electrodes 19:21
Large-Scale Growth, Clean Transfer, and Nanosandwiching of Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials 22:40
Selective Mode Coupling in Microring Resonators 20:20
Detecting Protein and miRNA Cancer Biomarkers 20:20
Photonic Crystal Enhanced Microscopy for the Study of Cell Attachment 16:23
Integrating Mechanical Cues and Biomolecular Patterns for Tendon-Bone Junction Repair 18:01
The Effect of Substrate Stiffness on the Apparent Stress Cells Experience during Cyclic Strain
Development of a Click Chemistry Approach to Evaluate the Effect of Protein Corona 16:40
Cancer Metastasis, Motility and Matrix Mechanics 14:46
Detection of miRNA and Proteins Using Silicon Nanowire Biosensors 15:02
CNST 2013 Panel Discussion 1:00:23
Improving the Pulse Stability of Mode-Locked Diode Lasers 21:19
Technology Scaling in the Mobility Era 49:03
Single Molecule and Single Cell Sensing with Nanoelectromechanical Systems (NEMS) 49:11
The Transistor-Injected Quantum Transition Laser: A Novel Mid-IR Source 24:25
Brillouin Optomechanics 16:46
Computing in the Nanoscale Era 22:54
Nanostructured Battery Electrodes for High Power and Energy Density Energy Storage 18:28
Plenary Session One: Opening Remarks 13:18
Promises and Challenges of Using Nanotechnology in Medicine 1:16:41
Nano-enabled Systems: From Materials to Devices to Systems 55:41
Nanotechnology at NIST: Measurements, Standards, and Shared Resources 47:48
Nanotechnology at NIST: Measurements, Standards, and Shared Resources 47:48
CNST Panel Discussion 1:24:26
Properties of Nanosilicon as a Platform for Functional Devices 24:42
Making Mid-Infrared Photonics Nano with Plasmonics and Metamaterials 20:18
III-V Semiconductor Nanowire Arraybased Transistors 23:36
Imparting Electrical Connectivity into 3D Micro/Nanostructures with Additive Nanomanufacturing 22:00
Applied Nanotechnology for Foodborne Pathogen and Toxin Detection 22:39
Physicochemical Property and (ROS)-generating Capacity Relationship 23:47
Nanotechnology-mediated Sensing of Angiogenesis 26:06
Gold Nanoparticles In, On, and Around Cells25:53
Nanostructured Silicon Optical Materials as Multifunctional Cell Culture Substrates26:59
Translational Research on Micro and Nanobionics Devices for Mobile and Social Sensing Applications 27:03
Opportunities for Nanotechnology in Animal Health 23:20
Concluding Session 15:20
Nanotechnology meets Biology in the Cancer Cell... (Mostafa El-Sayed) 1:06:04
Rare Events with Large-Impact: Bioengineering & Clinical Applications of... (Mehmet Toner)51:18

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