Performing matter: greatest hits and new findings - Dr Zoe Laughlin - UCL Lunch Hour Lectures

source: UCL Lunch Hour Lectures    2016年10月18日
Speaker: Dr Zoe Laughlin, UCL Institute of Making - Tuesday 11th October 2016 #ucllhl
Bring your lunch and your curiosity! UCL Lunch Hour Lectures, Tuesdays and Thursdays, Darwin Lecture Theatre, 1.15 - 1.55pm (term time)
Materials ‘perform’, and ‘stuff’ is constantly getting up to ‘things’ all the time, just to exist and make up the world of objects. Experience some of the most wondrous matter on Earth during Dr Zoe Laughlin’s demo-led exploration of materials, as you witness the inanimate becoming animate and material science performing.
Free to attend, live stream or watch online
More info : http://events.ucl.ac.uk/lhl
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