Adiabatic Quantum Computing Conference 2016 (AQC 2016)

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source: GoogleTechTalks    2016年10月20日
Sessions of the 2016 Adiabatic Quantum Computing Conference held at Google's Los Angeles office from June 26-29, 2016

Opening Remarks: Why We Believe Quantum Annealing Will Succeed 17:29
What is the Computational Value of Finite Range Tunneling? 32:28
Quantum vs. Classical Optimization - A Status Report on the Arms Race 38:17
Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations and Quantum Annealing 33:20
Simulated Quantum Annealing Can Be Exponentially Faster Than Classical 36:55
Quantum Monte Carlo vs Tunneling vs. Adiabatic Optimization 36:46
Inhomogeneous Quasi-adiabatic Driving of Quantum Critical Dynamics 25:33
Quantum Annealing via Environment-Mediated Quantum Diffusion 25:30
An Optimal Stopping Approach for Benchmarking Probabilistic Optimizers 25:09
Driving Spin Systems with Noisy Control Fields: Limits to Adiabatic Protocol 26:14
Roadmap for Building a Quantum Computer 26:56
Building Quantum Annealer v2.0 31:03
Origin and Suppression of 1/f Magnetic Flux Noise 31:34
A Fully-Programmable Measurement-Feedback OPO Ising Machine with All-to-All Connectivity 29:43
The Quantum Spin Glass Transition on the Regular Random Graph 32:20
Scaling Analysis & Instantons for Thermally-Assisted Tunneling and Quantum MC Simulations 19:46
Towards Quantum Supremacy with Pre-Fault-Tolerant Devices 23:52
Parity Adiabatic Quantum Computing 37:01
Simulated Annealing Comparison Between All-to-All Connectivity Schemes 33:31
Floquet Quantum Annealing with Superconducting Circuit 20:08
Adiabatic Quantum Computer vs. Diffusion Monte Carlo 22:07
Classical Modeling of Quantum Tunneling 24:41
Avoiding Negative Sign Problem in Simulation of Quantum Annealilng 25:26
Boosting Quantum Annealer Performance via Quantum Persistence 22:47
Max-k-SAT, Multi-Body Frustration, & Multi-Body Sampling on a Two Local Ising System 18:58
Coupled Quantum Fluctuations and Quantum Annealing 26:40

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