Global Enterprise for Micro-Mechanics and Molecular Medicine (2012) by Jay Humphrey at Yale Summer School

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source: NanoBio Node   2013年5月21日
Jay Humphrey, Yale University
GEM4 Summer School 2012
Cellular and Molecular Mechanics with a focus on Developmental Biology

Tissue Mechanics 1:25:16
Basic Optics, Optomechanics, Lens and Magnification 1:42:35
Cellular and Molecular Foundations of Developmental Biology 1:14:39
Developmental Biology I 1:28:30
Cell Mechanics 1:26:06
Developmental Biology II 1:24:26
Molecular Mechanics 1:26:52
Cell Mechanosensing: A Step by Step Process 1:31:11
The Measurement of Cellular Traction Forces 1:22:08
Stem Cell Engineering: Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies 1:21:26
Mechanics of Development I: Early Stages 1:22:31
Molecular Engineering and FRET for Visualizing Intracellular Transduction 1:06:32
Mechanics of Development II: Modeling Morphogenesis 1:22:00
Experimental Imaging Methods 1:18:10
The Role of Micro-Nanotechnology in Study of Cellular Behaviors 1:14:37
Synthetic Biology 1:26:34
Experimental Methods: Microfluidics 1:26:51
Emergent Order & Rigidity Development 1:32:08
3D Microscopy, Confocal, Multiphoton & SHG Microscopy 1:10:24
Mechanobiology in Development 1:33:08
Cell Migration in 2D and 3D 1:03:13
Applications to Tissue Engineering 1:05:17
Computational Methods in Systems Biology 1:11:33

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