Dialetheism (1-4) by Kane B

source: Kane B    2013年2月15日
Setting the scene for a series on dialetheism, the view that there are true contradictions.
A good introductory article to paraconsistent logics: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/log...

Dialetheism is the view that there are true contradictions. Much of the literature on dialetheism can be quite technical, but given that it touches on such a fundamental element of philosophy - of reasoning in general - I think it's important to be aware of it. I'm hoping that this series will provide an accessible introduction.
By far the most prominent defender of dialetheism is Graham Priest: he's devoted most of his philosophical career to developing arguments for it. His book "Doubt Truth to be a Liar" is definitely the most accessible introduction to the topic, from what I've read. His earlier book "In Contradiction" has been more influential, but is much more difficult.

Dialetheism 1 - preliminary remarks 21:39
Dialetheism supplement - a simple paraconsistent logic 11:21
Dialetheism 2a - the Liar paradox 37:51
Dialetheism 3a - methodological problems - believing contradictions 24:56

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