Does social science tell the truth? - Prof David Shanks - UCL Lunch Hour...

source: UCL Lunch Hour Lectures   2016年10月20日
Speaker: Professor David Shanks, UCL Psychology and Language Sciences - Thursday 13th October 2016 #ucllhl
Bring your lunch and your curiosity! UCL Lunch Hour Lectures, Tuesdays and Thursdays, Darwin Lecture Theatre, 1.15 - 1.55pm (term time)
There is now abundant evidence that only around half of all published findings in the social sciences are true, and research even suggests that some entire bodies of work are based on non-existent effects. Join Professor David Shanks as he discusses a range of remedies that could make social science research more credible and robust.
Free to attend, live stream or watch online
More info : http://events.ucl.ac.uk/lhl
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