Creating a Social Movement for Health | Jos de Blok | RSA Replay

source: The RSA   2016年9月20日
Creating a Social Movement for Health with Jos de Blok, Founder and CEO, Buurtzorg. Recently the NHS set out a bold new vision for its future. A particular focus of interest is on the potential of social movements to organize and lead change, as opposed to traditional top-down programmes. Social movement theory offers a grass-roots model of healthcare, one which mobilises communities and empowers patients and citizens to manage their own health.What exactly are social movements and what does it take to start one? How can innovative local ideas be scaled up? Join us at the RSA for a discussion between Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer, Horizons Team, NHS England; Jos de Blok, founder and CEO, Buurtzorg; Alan Higgins, Director of Public Health, Oldham Council and Halima Khan, Executive Director of HealthLab, NESTA.

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