Roger Moore: Particle Physics (2011 at U of Alberta)

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source: Roger Moore    2016年4月6日
PHYS 485: Particle Physics
Captured lectures from a fourth year undergraduate course on particle physics given early in 2011 which was before the LHC was in the main part of run 1 and before the Higgs boson was discovered.

Lecture 5: Standard Model and Feynman Diagrams This lecture covers the Standard Model and its limitations and introduces the use of Feynman diagrams for EM interactions.  1:15:41
Lecture 6: Feynman Diagrams 1:11:30
Lecture 7: Weak Interactions 1:16:56
Lecture 8: Symmetries 1:25:15
Lecture 9: Broken Symmetries 1:16:34
Lecture 11: Preserved Symmetries 1:18:49
Lecture 12: Fermi's Golden Rule 1:19:24
Lecture 13: Feynman Rules 1:24:11
Lecture 14: The Dirac Equation 1:17:32
Lecture 15: Quantum Electrodynamics 1:21:06
Lecture 16: Casimir's Trick 1:20:45

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