Longwood Seminars - Mini-Med School 2016

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source: Harvard Medical School      2016年3月29日
Each spring, Harvard Medical School's Office of Communications and External Relations organizes a series of four free “mini-med school” classes for the general public in the heart of Boston’s Longwood Medical Area.

A Better Ending : A new beginning for the end of life 1:31:07
Now and Zen 1:39:43
Music as Medicine 1:28:46
High-Tech Med 1:23:07
Was It Something I Ate? 1:24:26
Diseases Gone Global 1:31:52
Beyond Belief 1:23:49
It's All In Your Head 1:31:24
The Power of Zzzs 1:31:41
Food and Vitamins and Supplements! Oh My! 1:25:44
Haute Culture: Tailoring Stem Cells to Make Us Well 1:30:02
Panning for Therapeutic Gold: Cancer Genetics 1:29:10
Singing in the Shower to Shaking in Your Boots: The Science of Emotion 1:24:36
Patience and Patients: Understanding the Spectrum of Alzheimer's Disease 1:27:50
The Race to Grace: Surviving Stress 1:31:01
Living Long, Living Well: Aging With Flourish 57:17
From Vision to Touch: Exploring the Five Senses 1:15:30
Food for Thought: Genetically Modified Nourishment 1:07:14

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