The Industrialist's Dilemma by Robert Siegel and Aaron Levie at Stanford U

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source: Stanford Graduate School of Business    2016年1月15日
Taught by Lecturers Robert Siegel and Aaron Levie, The Industrialist's Dilemma course explores how digital disruptions are having tectonic shifts on large, successful and established companies, whether they have a digital foundation or not. Learn more: http://stanford.io/1TPZuyZ

1: Patrick Collison, Stripe 28:49
2: Ron Johnson, Enjoy 27:35
3: Tony Fadell, Nest 27:12
4: Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe 31:40
5: Bernard Tyson, Kaiser Permanente 32:00
6: Charlie Scharf, Visa 32:47
7: Mark Fields, Ford 32:17
8: Beth Comstock, GE 35:38
9: Thomas Tull, Legendary Pictures 27:31

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