P. C. Deshmukh: Special/Select Topics in the Theory of Atomic Coll (IIT Madras)

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source: nptelhrd    2015年4月23日
Physics - Special/Select Topics in the Theory of Atomic Coll by Prof. P. C. Deshmukh, Department of Physics, IIT Madras. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.ac.in

Lec-01 Introduction to the STiTACS course 37:18
Lec-02 Quantum Theory of collisions 48:59
Lec-03 Quantum Theory of collisions: Optical Theorem 54:49
Lec-04 Quantum Theory of collisions: optical Theorem 54:09
Lec-05 Quantum Theory of collisions: Differential scattering cross section 46:03
Lec-06 Quantum Theory of collisions Differential scattering cross section,Partial wave 40:29
Lec-7 Quantum Theory of collisions: Optical Theorem -- Unitarity of the Scattering Operator 1:01:30
Lec-08 Quantum Theory of collisions: Reciprocity Theorem, Phase shift analysis 49:18
Lec-09 Quantum Theory of collisions: More on Phase shift analysis 46:32
Lec 10 Quantum Theory of collisions: resonant condition in the l th partial wave. 47:01
Lec -11 Quantum Theory of collisions: Levinson's theorem 53:30
Lec 12 Quantum Theory of collisions: Levinson's theorem. 58:52
Lec-13 Many body theory, electron correlations 56:33
Lec-14 Second Quantization Creation, Destruction and Number operators 1:05:03
Lec-15 Many-particle Hamiltonian & Schrodinger Equation in 2nd Quantization 1:22:18
Lec-16 Many-electron problem in quantum mechanics 1:08:14
Lec-17 Hartree-Fock Self-Consistent-Field 58:16
Lec-18 Exchange, Statistical, Fermi-Dirac correlations 37:42
Lec-19 Limitations of the Hartree-Fock Self-Consistent-Field formalism 1:02:11
Lec-20 Many-Body formalism, II Quantization 1:02:08
Lec-21 Density fluctuations in an electron gas 52:58
Lec-22 Bohm-Pines approach to Random Phase Approximation 1:04:46
Lec-23 Bohm-Pines approach to Random Phase Approximation. 40:14
Lec-24 Bohm-Pines approach to Random Phase Approximation.. 49:28
Lec-25 Schrodinger, Heisenberg and Dirac "pictures" of QM 58:22
Lec-26 Dyson's chronological operator 50:47
Lec-27 Gell-Mann-Low Theorem 54:56
Lec-28 Reyleigh-Schrodinger perturbation methods and adiabatic switching 53:30
Lec-29 Feynman Diagrams 51:10
Lec-30 I Order Feynman Diagrams 1:15:17
Lec-31 Some more I Order Feynman Diagrams 1:02:18
Lec-32 II and higher order Feynman Diagrams. 56:50
Lec-33 Lippman Schwinger equation of potential scattering 44:35
Lec-34 Born Approximation 45:30
Lec-35 Coulomb scattering 1:23:35
Lec-36 Scattering of partial waves 41:44
Lec-37 Scattering at high energy 41:23
Lec-38 Resonances in Quantum Collisions 1:02:20
Lec-39 Breit-Wigner Resonances 47:25
Lec-40 Fano parameterization of Breit-Wigner formula 54:56
Lec-41 Discrete state embedded in the continuum 1:00:58
Lec-42 Resonance life times 37:45
Lec-43 Wigner-Eisenbud formalism of time-delay in scattering 27:34
Lec-44 Photoionization and Photoelectron Angular Distributions 49:55
Lec-45 Ionization and Excitation of Atoms by Fast Charged Particles 55:03
Lec-46 Photo-absorption by Free and Confined Atoms and Ions: Recent Developments 41:28

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