Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics by M. S. Ananth (IIT Madra)

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source: nptelhrd 2015年4月16日
Chemical - Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics by Prof. M.S. Ananth,Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Madras. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.ac.in

Lec-01 Thermodynamics and the Chemical Industry 38:10
Lec-02 James Prescot Joule and the first law 36:56
Lec-03 Sadi Carnot and the second law 42:48
Lec-04 Equilibrium and Extrema in work 47:02
Lec-05 Illustrative Calculations I 26:40
Lec-06 Properties of pure substances 42:55
Lec-07 The p-h chart 45:51
Lec-08 Work calculation 42:57
Lec-09 Illustrative Calculations II 42:43
Lec-10 Heat-Work Interconversion Devices 42:33
Lec-11 Refrigeration/ Thermodynamics of mixtures 31:27
Lec-12 The Gibbs Duhem equation 47:53
Lec-13 Models for Excess Gibbs Free Energy 45:40
Lec-14 Van Laar model 43:45
Lec-15 Gaseous and liquid mixtures 48:59
Lec-16 Separation Work/ Equations of state 31:05
Lec-17 Chemical potentials in gas and condensed phases 41:40
Lec-18 Vapour Liquid Equilibria I 47:01
Lec-19 Vapour Liquid Equilibria II 45:51
Lec-20 Solvent-Solvent mixtures 42:05
Lec-21 Solvent-solute mixtures 37:08
Lec-22 Liquid-liquid equilibria 34:30
Lec-23 An industrial example32:02
Lec-24 Liquid-liquid equilibria/ Reaction Equilibria 34:13
Lec-25 Reaction Equilibria 44:53
Lec-26 Illustrative Examples I 43:13
Lec-27 Illustrative Examples II 35:02
Lec-28 Illustrative Examples III 49:40
Lec-29 Simultaneous Relations 46:52
Lec-30 Thermodynamic Consistency/ Reverse Osmosis 35:05
Lec-31 Miscellaneous topics in phase equilibria 32:42
Lec-32 Absorption Refrigeration 43:50
Lec-33 Summary of Classical Thermodynamics 17:09
Lec-34 Molecular basis of Thermodynamics I 53:45
Lec-35 Molecular basis of Thermodynamics II 46:28

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