John Michael Schert: "The Utility of the Creative Process" | Talks at Go...

source: Talks at Google     2016年7月26日
He brings powerful lessons from the world of the arts to business. John Michael approaches issues as a ballet dancer who has translated his artistic process into a creative discipline for businesses and states the utility the creative process plays in decision-making.
Using the creative process as an internal analysis tool, he helps corporate and civic leaders better develop an understanding of the balance of motivations from the intrinsic (purpose, emotion, passion) and the extrinsic (data, systems, regulations).
Originally from South Georgia, John Michael began his career as a ballet dancer with American Ballet Theatre and Alonzo King LINES Ballet. In 2004 he co-founded Trey McIntyre Project (TMP), serving as the company’s Executive Director, and a dancer, for nine years.

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