Hilary Putnam on Meaning & Semantic Externalism

source: Philosophical Overdose     2016年3月25日
Hilary Putnam was awarded The Rolf Schock Prize in Logic and Philosophy by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 2011 “for his contribution to the understanding of semantics for theoretical and ‘natural kind’ terms, and of the implications of this semantics for philosophy, theory of knowledge, philosophy of science, and metaphysics“. In this talk, Putnam describes the path which led to the work for which he was being honored. Hilary Putnam (1926-2016) was an American philosopher and mathematician who was a central figure in analytic philosophy. He made important contributions in the fields of logic, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, and philosophy of science.
Putnam's "Reason, Truth, and History" can be found here: https://ia902606.us.archive.org/23/it...

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