Ashanti Branch: "Taking off the Mask - How to Come Alive by First Gettin...

source: Talks at Google     2016年7月12日
Ashanti Branch is the founder & executive director of The Ever Forward Club, a Stanford Education Fellow and was previously Vice Principal at Montera Middle School in Oakland, CA. Ashanti's organization, The Ever Forward Club, helps at-risk young men learn to get real and find the emotional support they need to lead successful lives. Of the students who have gone through his program, 100% have graduated high school and over 90% have gone on to 2 or 4 year colleges and universities.
In this workshop-style talk Ashanti takes you through the Taking Off the Mask exercise, which he's done for over 3000 people at schools, companies and organizations around the United States. This eye-opening and educational exercise will help you discover your own mask and teach you how to show up more authentically both at work and in your personal lives.
To learn more about Ashanti Branch and The Ever Forward Club, please visit http://www.everforwardclub.org/.

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