The Relativistic Quantum Information North (RQI-N) Conference 2016

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source: Institute for Quantum Computing    2016年6月23日
The Relativistic Quantum Information North (RQI-N) Conference brings together an interdisciplinary community of researchers at the interface of quantum information science and relativity.
The seventh RQI-N Conference was hosted by and at the Institute for Quantum Computing.

José de Ramón Rivera - On thermalization timescales... 11:23
Esteban Castro-Ruiz - Entanglement of quantum clocks through gravity 12:05
Juan León - Remote states, Reeh-Schlieder theorem... 35:37
Andrzej Dragan - Effect of gravity on localized two-mode Gaussian 31:47
Aidan Charwin Davies - The Cosmological Signature... 12:53
Jason Pye - Locality and entanglement in bandlimited... 9:40
Nicholas Funai - Using quantum energy teleportation to create exotic spacetimes 12:57
Tim Ralph - Quantum Circuit Models for Interaction with... 29:24
Nick Menicucci - Sonic relativity and the observers who hear its call 38:51
Guillaume Verdon-Akzam - Asymptotically limitless quantum energy teleportation 10:18
Eric Brown - Accelerating in a Thermal Bath 12:57
Belinda Pang - On decoherence under gravity... 14:24
Krzysztof Lorek - Unruh effect as a two-mode Gaussian channel 10:13
Filip Kiaka - Spatial entanglement of nonvacuum Gaussian states 12:46
Daniel Terno - Spin and localisation of relativistic fermions 34:43
Jeff Steinhauer - Observation of thermal Hawking radiation... 32:07
Barry Sanders - Precise space–time positioning for entanglement harvesting 34:26

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