Shreesh Chaudhary: Better Spoken English (IIT Madras)

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source: nptelhrd      2013年7月9日
Humanities - Better Spoken English by Prof. Shreesh Chaudhary, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Madras. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in

Lec-01 Introduction 49:30
Lec-02 Student Presentations I 40:29
Lec-03 Feedback on Presentations I 46:54
Lec-04 Stage Manners 49:54
Lec-05 Tempo of Speech 49:19
Lec-06 Some Reasons for Mishearing 48:32
Lec-07 Topics for Presentations II 49:15
Lec-08 Message 48:11
Lec-09 Tables, Charts, Graphs 47:48
Lec-10 Power Point Slides 48:12
Lec-11 Criteria for Evaluation 49:09
Lec-12 Student Presentations II 56:18
Lec-13 Feedback on Presentation II 45:55
Lec-14 Topics for Presentation III 50:03
Lec-15 On "Saying 'Please!' " 49:54
Lec-16 English Rhythm I 49:19
Lec-17 English Rhythm II 50:20
Lec-18 Phrasal Pause in English I 48:32
Lec-19 Phrasal Pause in English II 49:34
Lec-20 Units of Time, Weight, Distance 50:30
Lec-21 Stress in English I 50:04
Lec-22 Stress in English II 48:53
Lec-23 Stress in English III 50:41
Lec-24 Stress in English IV 49:55
Lec-25 Stress in English V 50:27
Lec-26 Stress in English VI 50:36
Lec-27 Student Presentations III 34:54
Lec-28 Student Presentations III 35:51
Lec-29 Student Presentations III 42:59
Lec-30 Student Presentations III 50:27
Lec-31 Some Different Sounds 50:37
Lec-32 Some "Difficult" Sounds in English 49:39
Lec-33 Some "Vowel" Sounds in English 49:20
Lec-34 Some "Consonants" in English 53:59
Lec-35 Student Presentations IV38:36
Lec-36 Student Presentation IV 33:54
Lec-37 Feedback on Student Presentation IV 44:33
Lec-38 Final Tips 50:41

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