Anuradha Sharma: Management Science (IIT Delhi)

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source: nptelhrd    2010年10月7日
Lecture series on Management Science by Prof. Anuradha Sharma, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Delhi. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in

Lec-1 Introduction 54:22
Lec-2 Motivation 1:00:15
Lec-3 Management 32:49
Lec-4 Work Ethics 58:53
Lec-5 Comparison Between Theories 50:04
Lec-6 Job Enrichment 56:23
Lec-7 Team Building and Participation 55:04
Lec-8 Other Leadership Styles 54:09
Lec-9 Empowerment 55:58
Lec-10 Barriers to Communication 1:04:54
Lec-11 Issues in Leadership 40:54
Lec-12 Participation Management and Team Working Part-1 23:22
Lec-13 Participation Management and Team Working Part-2 41:50
Lec-14 Participation Management and Team Working Part-3 40:17
Lec-40 Management: Now and Beyond-Part-3 36:55
Lec-16 Participative management and Team Working Part-5 47:48
Lec-17 Organizations 35:50
Lec-18 Some Management Concepts-Part-1 53:39
Lec-19 Some Management Concepts-Part-2 59:41
Lec-20 Some Management Concepts-Part-3 53:47
Lec-21 Diversity at Work Place and Management Issues 52:52
Lec-22 Industrial Relations and Conflict Management-Part-1 49:39
Lec-23 Industrial Relations and Conflict Management-Part-2 59:14
Lec-24 Selection and Training of Employees 57:22
Lec-25 Performance Management-Part-1 59:53
Lec-26 Performance Management-Part-2 57:41
Lec-27 Performance Management-Part-3 1:01:45
Lec-42 Conclusions 34:56
Lec-29 Management Research: Some Methodological Issues-Part-2 58:23
Lec-30 Corporate Social Responsibilities 1:00:29
Lec-31 Women, Work and Organizations: Management Perspective-Part-1 1:00:32
Lec-32 Women, Work and Organizations: Management Perspective-Part-2 56:14
Lec-33 Selection, Recruitment and Training 58:23
Lec-34 Management of Change in Organization 1:03:07
Lec-35 Organizational development 59:48
Lec-36 Values, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibilities-Part-1 58:15
Lec-37 Values, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibilities-Part-2 1:00:18
Lec-38 Management: Now and Beyond-Part-1 1:03:16
Lec-39 Management: Now and Beyond-Part-2 56:07

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