Richard Barker: "Multiple Monitors of the Mind" | Talks at Google

source: Talks at Google     2016年6月15日
Hypnotherapist and comedian Richard Barker came by the Google NYC office to deliver a program called "Multiple Monitors of the Mind," which demonstrates a laser focus through Self Hypnosis Mastery and multi-tasking explained through the subconscious mind.

High achievers all have one thing in common -- guided focus. During the event, Richard will talk about multi and micro subconscious tasking and having multiple monitors in the mind. It has been proven that each thought and task becomes degraded with multiple focus -- so how do we laser focus on individual achievement?

Hypnosis is the continuous stream of focus that creates the clear visualization of the end product. Staying internally focused on a given suggestion is more powerful than knowledge. Therefore, the instant you think of something else, the task in hand diminishes. You will learn how to self-hypnotize and may even realize some of you are doing it already.

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