Art of the Demo: Activity Mapping By Juan Francisco Saldarriaga

source: Columbia     2016年5月13日
Event: Columbia University Libraries' Data Visualization Week: The Art of Data Visualization
Foursquare check-ins? Citibike rides? Open data can tell us a lot about our cities and how we use them: what we think of them, how we feel about them and how we live in them. In this talk we will present two research projects that use this data to explore and understand how people live in New York. We will analyze check-in data from Foursquare and Facebook to examine how social media activity relates to socio-economic factors and what this kind of data can tell us about how people feel about the modern city. We will also analyze Citibike ride data visualizing the imbalance problems the system faces. All of this, while also exploring multiple ways of representing spatial data.
Hosted by: Columbia University's Science and Engineering Library

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