Chemical - Mass Transfer Operations I by B. Mandal (IIT Guwahati)

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source: nptelhrd     2013年10月11日
Mass Transfer Operations I by Prof. Dr. B. Mandal, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Guwahati. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in

Lec-01 Introduction to Mass Transfer 45:45
Lec-02 Molecular Diffusion 52:22
Lec-03 Fick's Law of Diffusion 46:58
Lec-04 Steady state molecular diffusion in fluids Part I 44:59
Lec-05 Steady state molecular diffusion in fluids Part II 42:52
Lec-06 Diffusion coefficient: Measurement and Prediction Part I 44:12
Lec-07 Diffusion Coefficient: Measurement and Prediction Part II 45:34
Lec-08 Multicomponent Diffusion and Diffusivity in Solids 45:51
Lec-01 Concept of Mass Transfer Coefficient 51:02
Lec-02 Dimensionless Groups and Co-relations for Convective 49:33
Lec-03 Mass Transfer co-efficient in Laminar Flow Condition 48:39
Lec-04 Boundary Layer Theory and Film Theory in Mass Transfer 47:38
Lec-05 Mass Transfer Coefficients in Terbulant Flow 48:09
Lec-06 Interphase Mass Transfer and Mass Transfer Theories Part I 49:40
Lec-07 Interphase Mass Transfer and Mass Transfer Theories Part II 54:23
Lec-08 Interphase Mass Transfer and Mass Transfer Theories Part 3 51:03
Lec-01 Agitated and Sparged Vassels 53:53
Lec-02 Tray Column Part I 53:25
Lec-03 Tray Column Part II 57:06
Lec-04 Packed Tower 59:54
Lec-01 Introduction to Absorption and Solvent selection 55:33
Lec-02 Packed Tower Design Part I 48:44
Lec-03 Packed Tower Design Part II 49:44
Lec-04 Packed Tower Design Part III 52:20
Lec-05 Mass Transfer Coefficients Correlation and HETP Concept 46:49
Lec-06 Tray Tower Design and Introduction to Multicomponent System 44:48
Lec-01 Introduction to Distillation and Phase diagrams 45:17
Lec-02 Azeotropes and Enthalpy Concentration Diagrams 51:38
Lec-04 Batch and Steam Distillation 49:43
Lec-05 Fractional Distillation 53:33
Lec-06 Fractional Distillation: McCabe Thiele Method 46:48
Lec-07 Fractional Distillation: Minimum Reflux and Pinch Point 40:06
Lec-08 Fractional Distillation: Subcooled Reflux ,Tray Efficiency and Use of Open Steam 42:47
Lec-09 Fractional Distillation: Multiple Feeds and Side Stream 37:00
Lec-10 Multistage Batch Distillation with Reflux 37:15
Lec-11 Fractional Distillation: Ponchan and Savarit Method 35:48
Lec-12 Ponchan and Savarit Method and Packed Tower Distillation 40:08
Lec-13 Multicomponent Distillation 35:43

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