Agriculture - Integrated Pest Management (U of Agricultural Sciences, Raichur)

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source: nptelhrd    2016年5月13日
Agriculture - Integrated Pest Management (IPM) by Prof. Prabhuraj A (Instructor Incharge), Prof. B.V. Patil, Prof. M. Bheemanna, University of Agricultural Sciences, Raichur. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.ac.in

Lec-01 Introduction 6:28
Lec-02 Insect, abundance and diversity 10:27
Lec-03 Insect classification based on economic importance 9:58
Lec-04 Pest, causes for outbreaks and categories 11:10
Lec-05 Pest, causes for outbreaks and categories, contd... 6:30
Lec-06 Pest surveillance and methods of sampling 16:03
Lec-07 Principles of Pest Management and History 14:22
Lec-08 IPM, Definition and Concepts 10:59
Lec-09 Ecological Methods of Pest Management - Legal & Cultural 10:30
Lec-10 Ecological Methods of Pest Management - Cultural (Contd.) 14:40
Lec-11 Ecological Methods of Pest Management - Cultural (Contd..) 12:44
Lec-12 Ecological Methods of Pest Management - Physical 9:37
Lec-13 Ecological Methods of Pest Management - Mechanical 8:44
Lec-14 Host Plant Resistance 10:03
Lec-15 Host Plant Resistance (Cont.) 11:18
Lec-16 Biological Control- Predators 17:54
Lec-17 Biological Control - Parasitoids 13:52
Lec-18 Biological Control - Microbes: Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses 12:31
Lec-19 Biological Control - Microbes: Entomopathogenic Nematodes 9:43
Lec-20 Pest management by modifying insect behaviour 7:44
Lec-21 Use of sex pheromones in pest management 12:45
Lec-22 Use of attractants and repellants in pest management 11:33
Lec-23 Pest management through radiation technology - Principles 12:46
Lec-24 Sterile Insect Technique - case studies 11:59
Lec-25 Pest management through botanicals 8:18
Lec-26 Pest management through botanicals (contd) 16:10
Lec-27 Chemical Control - History and classification 18:05
Lec-28 Mode of Action of different insecticide groups 7:53
Lec-29 Chemical Control - Considerations for Chemicals Integration 16:19
Lec-30 Insecticide Resistance and Management 12:23
Lec-31 Insecticide as component of IPM 14:26
Lec-32 Biotechnological Approaches in IPM 18:04
Lec-33 Agro-ecosystem Analysis 10:02
Lec-34 IPM in Paddy 17:13
Lec-35 IPM in Paddy (Contd.) 14:36
Lec-36 IPM in Pigeon pea 6:40
Lec-37 IPM in Pigeon pea (Contd.) 14:22
Lec-38 IPM in Groundnut 15:50
Lec-39 IPM in Mustard & Soyabean 14:30
Lec-40 IPM in Cotton 13:45
Lec-41 IPM in Cotton (Contd.) 16:19
Lec-42 IPM in Sugarcane 9:59
Lec-43 IPM in Sugarcane (Contd.) 11:58
Lec-44 IPM in Tomato 18:46
Lec-45 IPM in Cabbage 11:59
Lec-46 IPM in Mango 14:37
Lec-47 IPM in Grapes  9:38

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