A Grand Strategy? Re-imagining America's Foreign Policy for the Next Administration

source: New York University     2016年5月31日
From the collapse of the Soviet Union to the rise of ISIS, the U.S. has pursued at least three distinct grand strategies: democratic enlargement (Clinton), assertive primacy (Bush), and restraint and rebalancing (Obama). Given the changeability of strategy after 45 years of containment and deterrence, what’s next? Despite wide differences among the candidates, does the nature of the unfolding world and our resource limits allow us to make educated guesses about the posture of the next President? Can U.S. foreign policy be more coherent and effective -- responsive to both opportunities and threats -- in the next decade and beyond? NYU Washington, DC welcomed CGA Clinical Professor Michael Oppenheimer in conversation with Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer and Brookings Vice President Bruce Jones on the alternative paths for managing American strategy abroad.

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