Math Mornings at Yale: Infinity, with Yair Minsky

source: Yale University    2015年8月20日
Math Mornings is a series of public lectures aimed at bringing the joy and variety of mathematics to students and their families. Speakers from Yale and elsewhere talk about aspects of mathematics that they find fascinating or useful. The talks will usually be accessible to students from 7th grade and up, although occasionally some familiarity with high-school subjects will be helpful. Math Mornings lectures will take place on three Sundays each semester, at Davies Auditorium, 10 Hillhouse Avenue.
Math Mornings is partially funded by grants from the National Science Foundation. It is part of Yale's Science Outreach program. To find out more see http://yale.edu/scienceoutreach
On Sunday, November 10, Yair Minsky gave his talk, "Infinity," exploring popular questions: How many guests can come into an infinite hotel? How many ping pong balls fit into an infinite barrel? What is 1/0? What is infinity minus infinity? Is 1 = 0.999999999.....? Can anything be infinitely large or infinitely small? Are there different sizes of infinity? In a finite world, why should we even care about this?

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