Healthcare Policy and the Future of Laboratory Practice

source: UWTV    2016年1月29日
The US is in the midst of a dramatic change in the way healthcare is delivered and financed - a move from volume- to value-based care and reimbursement. The transition from a fee for service model to one that rewards quality and good outcomes is complicated. For those in the laboratory industry, understanding the implications of the complex legislative and regulatory framework driving this transition is particularly difficult, since most of the changes are targeted towards patient-facing providers, particularly those engaged in primary care. This talk provides an overview of the current legislative and regulatory environment as it applies to the unique specialty of pathology and laboratory medicine, and attempts to provide a conceptual framework for understanding (to the extent possible) what all this means for us moving forward.
Steven Kroft, MD, professor and executive vice chair, director of Clinical Pathology and Hematopathology, Medical College of Wisconsin
Jeff Jacobs, MA, senior vice president, Institute for Science, Technology and Policy, American Society for Clinical Pathology

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