Jenn Lederer: "Conscious Leadership" | Talks at Google

source: Talks at Google     2016年5月25日
Jenn Lederer visited Google's office in NYC to discuss her program, Conscious Leadership: Creating Impact with Intuition and Authenticity.
Jenn Lederer is a Leadership and Impact Coach, Motivational Speaker, and creator and host of the infamous web series, Weekly Alignment™. She infuses quick wit with intuition and authenticity to help her clients stop playing small and create big impact. As the former President and COO of a Talent Management company, she uses her experience in the performing arts and entertainment industry, her business savvy, and her passion for creativity to show you how to honor the authenticity of your YOUness. With an intuitive approach, and wild gesticulations, Jenn Lederer will lead you to the other side of fear…and teach you the secret to activating your super power to become a conscious leader. To learn more about Jenn, her ninja-like reflexes, and how she can help you reach your zenith, visit the portal of awesome that is her website: http://jennlederer.com/services

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