Casey Allred: How Tech is Disrupting Human Trafficking

source: GoogleTechTalks    2016年4月14日
Google Tech Talk, 4/12/16, Presented by Casey Allred
ABSTRACT: Casey Allred visited Google headquarters in Mountain View to address the important topic of Human Trafficking, and how technology is disrupting the global problem. Human Trafficking is a $31 billion global criminal industry, just behind the $32 billion drug trafficking industry and is set to surpass it quickly. The official numbers unfortunately do not represent reality, and it's not a topic of international concern in appropriate proportion to the number of women, men, and children that if affects. Casey introduces and gives context of human trafficking in Nepal and India, and his work producing the documentary film "Stolen Innocence." As a Bay Area-based NonProfit, Casey has been finding ways to use technology to help organizations on the ground abroad do important work in preventing and fighting human trafficking.

Hailing from a small town in Idaho (USA), Casey’s love of international development started at age 19, as he lead others in life changing activities in Albania for 2 years. He started Effect.org in 2010, opening a school in rural Bihar, India. Passionate about filmmaking, he produced Stolen Innocence, a documentary exposing human trafficking. In 2015, Casey led the largest volunteer group rebuilding after the Nepal earthquake. An outdoor fanatic, Casey is happiest in the mountains and loves getting out on his bicycle.
Introduced by Chloé Mayer

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